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Specialist commitees

We work in a close network of national and international study groups and specialist committees set up by all kinds of organisations, for example: …

  • BG RCI – Trade Association Raw Materials and Chemical Industry in Germany
  • Sturdy groups of the chemical industry in Germany and Europe
  • DIERS – Design Institute of Emergency Relief Systems
  • DIN – German Institute for Standardisation
  • DKE – German Commission Electrotechnology)
  • EDUG – European DIERS Users Group
  • IGR – Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e.V.
    (Community of Interests for Industrial Practices)
  • IGUS – International Group of Experts on the Explosion Risks of Unstable Substances.
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardisation
  • Process Net – Joint Initiative of the Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and of the Association of German Engineers / Society of Chemical and Process Engineering

On the strength of our active participation on these national and international specialist committees, we at consilab keep abreast of future developments and state-of-the-art technology. As we learn of not-yet-published standards, guidelines and directives, you as the customer are the first to benefit from this cutting-edge knowledge, knowledge that we can feed into ongoing projects. In this way, our customers are well prepared for upcoming standards. Not only that: we actually help to shape these embryonic standards and directives and so ensure optimal practical relevance.

Last but not least, since we are also familiar with latest international testing standards and regulations, we are able to systematically advise and assist our international customers both at home and abroad.